How Can I Find Out How to Connect My Ergonomic Wireless Mini Mouse?

When it comes to figuring out technology, some people pick it up easily while other people have many questions.

In fact, it is likely that many more people fall into the category of experiencing problems with technology than innately knowing how to fix it. 

If you have been struggling with trying to figure out how to connect your ergonomic wireless mini mouse, you are not alone!

In an effort to help you determine how to connect your ergonomic wireless mini mouse most effectively, below we review a number of resources that you can turn to in order to quickly get online. 

In addition, we provide some tips as well, so that your new mouse can be connected as seamlessly as possible.

Resources for Connecting Your Ergonomic Wireless Mini Mouse

Instruction manual

One of the best resources for learning how to hook up your ergonomic wireless mini mouse is to look at the instruction manual that came with your mouse. 

Although it may feel burdensome to read this, usually the manufacturer has explained some of the bugs, snafus, and problems that you may be experiencing.

If you did not receive a hard copy of the instruction manual, you can either call the manufacturer to request one or check online for a copy. Today more than ever, you are likely to find the instructions online.

Customer service number

If you are still experiencing problems hooking up your mouse after looking through the instruction manual, try to call the customer service number. 

The experts can typically resolve all problems. Just make sure you accurately describe your problem so that it can provide you with the best service experience.

YouTube videos

If neither of these options works, there are a plethora of YouTube videos that explain how to hook up ergonomic wireless mini mice.

Simply put in “connect ergonomic wireless mini mice” into Google or YouTube and you will receive a number of options. 

The great thing about these videos is that they actually walk you through the process of hooking up the mouse, so you can see the process step-by-step. This makes it incredibly easy to replicate.


If you have specific questions, try googling them as they may have been answered by someone in an online forum. 

If you do not yet see your question listed, you could try to post your question in an online forum. Chances are, someone else has the same question as well!


If none of the above work, try to ask a tech-savvy friend for some help hooking up your ergonomic wireless mini mouse.

Tips for Hooking Up Your New Ergonomic Wireless Mini Mouse

In order to hook up your new mouse, you will want to be certain that you complete a number of steps.

In the first step, make sure that you take off the covering for the batteries. 

You will want to make sure that the mouse either already has batteries in it or insert the necessary batteries.

As with all batteries, you will need to make certain that they are installed in the correct direction prior to replacing the battery cover, otherwise, the mouse will not work.

After you install the batteries, you will next need to insert the USB receiver into a USB port. The USB port is located on your computer.

Typically, you will receive a message that indicates you have added a new device and you can automatically agree to download the necessary software.

If this does not happen automatically, you may need to manually download the software offline or through a disc. You can put the disc into the appropriate drive and wait for the directions to pop up.

Usually, you will see an installation wizard that guides you through each step. Typically, the software options that are checked are the ones that you will want to keep. Lastly, you will need to link your mouse to the receiver.

This can be done by pressing a button that is located on the receiver and then turning the mouse upside down to press the link button under there.

After this final step, you should see a light indicating that the mouse is ready and linked.


If you are having problems connecting your wireless mini mouse, there are a number of resources available to help you. 

This may include contacting customer service, reading the instruction manual, looking for answers to your question in an online forum, using YouTube, or asking a friend for help. 

Additionally, steps and tips for connecting your mouse were suggested.

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