What Is A Computer Mouse Used For?

Have you ever wondered what is a computer mouse used for?

Maybe you contemplated whether you actually needed to purchase a computer mouse. Could you get by without a mouse for your computer?

A computer mouse is a device that you guide with your hand, which moves a cursor that is on the screen.

This permits you to click on links, words, or other items that are located on your computer. Based on whatever you click, the computer will complete that action (i.e., open a file).

You can use the mouse to open files, folders, documents, or programs on your computer. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to give the computer commands, such as copy, delete, move, or pause. 

Basically, the mouse allows you to quickly point and click on anything you want to on your computer.

What is a Computer Mouse Used for and what else can it do?

In addition to the most basic function, most mice have a wheel, a right-click button, and a left-click button. You can use the left click button to select and move items. 

The right button will allow you to bring up menus and different commands. The wheel will allow you to quickly scroll through pages without having to manually scroll down on the screen.

All mice have these functions. Some newer mice have even more advanced features. For example, some mice provide you with the option of changing the clicking speed. 

This allows you to click slowly for things like photo editing or more quickly for things such as browsing the web.

These newer mice also might have the option to customize buttons for certain programs, like Microsoft Word, which will allow you to save time.

What Are the Main Types of Mice?

The older mice have a traditional roller ball on the bottom of the mouse. They required that you plug them into a computer via a USB port. 

However, newer mice might be wireless (meaning that they establish a virtual connection to your computer) and/or optical. 

Additionally, newer mice have become better in terms of ergonomic shape, so that they reduce the tension in your wrist and hands.

What are the main parts of a computer mouse?

The mouse will contain one of the following three items: ball, LED, or laser. This is what helps the mouse track movement and relay that movement to your computer screen. 

Additionally, every mouse will have a wheel so that you can scroll. Older mice might only let you scroll up and down.

However, some of the newer mice will allow you to scroll in all directions (up, down, right, and left). Every mouse will have a minimum of two buttons for right and left-clicking. 

However, newer mice might have even more buttons. If you opt for a wired-mouse, it will also have a cord that you will need to plug into the USB port of your computer.

However, if you opted for a wireless mouse then your mouse will come with a wireless receiver. Additionally, all mice have a circuit board which is located inside the mouse. 

Some mice, particularly the ergonomic mice, have special holders for your thumb or fingers.

Do you need a mouse?

No, it is not absolutely necessary that you have a mouse. As technology increases, there are many computers and other devices that rely on touchscreen technology, which effectively eliminates the need for a mouse. 

However, many people still prefer to use a mouse in order to increase the efficiency with which they complete tasks.

Even if your computer does not have touchscreen capability, there are still several ways that you can use your machine without a mouse. 

First, you can simply use the computer keys. This option will require that you know the key combinations for certain commands (i.e., opening the start menu, quitting the program, etc.).

You could easily look these up online if this option is right for you. It is important to note that the key combinations are different for Windows and Mac OS X. 

Lastly, you can also use web browser short cuts so that you can quickly open your favorite websites, new tabs, or go to your homepage.


A computer mouse has a number of different uses. For example, they can open new programs, files, or folders. 

Additionally, you can move objects, give commands, or click on certain items. Additionally, you can use a mouse to scroll. The main uses of a computer mouse and the main parts of a mouse were reviewed above. 

Additionally, it is important to note that while mice make your computer usage easier, they are not absolutely necessary in order to use your machine.

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