What is the Best Way to Clean a Computer Mouse?

Do you regularly eat at your computer? Have you ever spilled coffee around your desk? If you answered yes, you might find yourself with the need to clean your computer mouse.

Since certain cleaning products and procedures can be damaging to a mouse (and other technology), it is important to use the proper cleaning techniques in order to extend the life of your mouse. 

Want to know how to clean your mouse? Check out the steps below so that you can quickly be on your way to cleaning your mouse.

Steps of the best way to clean your computer mouse

Here are 6 easy steps that you can follow:

Step 1:

Before you attempt to start cleaning your mouse, make sure that your mouse is disconnected or unplugged. 

No matter what type of mouse you are cleaning, make sure that you remove it from the area surrounding your computer so that any excess liquid does not damage other technology.

Step 2:

If you are cleaning an optical mouse, you will want to turn your mouse upside down to begin the cleaning process. Next, you will want to use rubbing alcohol to clean the bottom of the mouse.

Simply use a cotton swab that has been dipped into the alcohol and clean the four rubber bottoms that surround the mouse. 

This should remove any built-up dust and dirt so that your mouse can glide more smoothly. You can also use a toothpick to remove dirt that gets stuck in the grooves between the rubber and the plastic.

Step 3:

After you have taken these steps, you will want to clean the optical part of the mouse. This is usually in the middle of the bottom side of the mouse and it has a glass covering. Using a light sweeping motion, glide a Q-tip over the center to clean that area.

Avoid pressing too hard or scratching this, as either will cause damage to the glass or plastic covering. In order to complete the cleaning process, you can simply use a wet paper towel to clean the remaining areas of the mouse. 

Step 4:

Next, you will want to make sure that the bottom of the mouse dries well. You can either blow on it or use a hairdryer.

Step 5:

After you have cleaned the bottom of the optical mouse, you will likely want to clean the top of it as well. Flip the mouse back over. You can use a toothpick to clean the area between the buttons, the wheel, and any other small areas.

Again, be certain that you do not press too hard, as this might cause the toothpick to break in your mouse. 

Step 6:

You will also want to clean the mouse pad, the desk area surrounding your mouse, and the cords so that you minimize the dust build-up. This could be done using water and a paper towel as well.

Useful Tips to Clean a Computer Mouse

Before starting to clean your computer mouse, you might find it helpful to use a microfiber cloth to remove any extra dirt and grime that would wipe away easily. 

No matter what type of mouse you are cleaning, it is very important that you make sure that there is no liquid that gets inside the mouse. Having liquid go inside your mouse could cause irreparable damage to your product.

In order to avoid having to clean your mouse often, try to only use your mouse when your hands are clean. In addition, make sure you regularly dust and wipe away any crumbs that might fall around your work area. 

Additionally, lightly cleaning your mouse on a regular basis might help it last longer. However, you should never attempt to open your mouse to clean the inside of it.

If you have an old school mouse, you can take the roller ball off to clean. This will require you to only remove the cover of the ball.

Simply use a lint-free cloth that has a little alcohol on it to clean the ball. Make sure the ball completely dries prior to putting it back. You can use an air spray that can remove excess dirt from that area as well. 

The steps discussed above will also work to clean the remaining areas of the mouse.


When cleaning a computer mouse, it is important to use the proper cleaning products and procedures. The steps that you should take in order to clean an optical mouse and traditional mouse were discussed above. 

In general, you will only need, water, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, toothpicks, and a lint-free cloth in order to complete the cleaning process. Additional tips were also provided.

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