What Makes the 3M Ergonomic Mouse Different from Other Mice?

When it comes time to purchase a new mouse, you might wonder which features are important. In fact, sometimes it may feel like there are few differences between mice. 

As such, this article was written with the aim of helping you understand the main features, pros, and cons of the 3M Ergonomic Mouse.

The 3M Ergonomic Mouse has a lot to offer consumers. One of the best features is that it comes in two different sizes, the accommodate the differences in natural hand size between individuals. 

In addition, additional features have been incorporated to make sure that you receive a great experience while using this product.

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Features of the 3M Ergonomic Mouse:

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The 3M Ergonomic Mouse comes in two convenient sizes: small and large. You can find a sizing guide online so that you will know which size is appropriate for your hand.  

It also features a vertical hand position that makes gripping the mouse feel more natural.

You can easily use the buttons on the mouse to click. Additionally, this product comes with a 2-year warranty. If you do not like the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

This product works with most Macs and PCs. The mouse weighs 10.6 ounces and its dimensions are 5.2 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches.

What We Liked About The Mouse:

This mouse contains buttons for right-click, left-click, and scrolling. The innovative gripping positions enable you to grip the mouse like you would grip most other products, which permits your hand to remain in a neutral position.

The mouse comes with a long cord (6.5 feet), so you can navigate around quite freely. This mouse has won awards for being easy to use. There is an optical sensor. 

When using the mouse, your hand rests at the base of the product while you use your thumb to click.

What We Don’t Like:

One of the main disadvantages of this product is that it starts at a much higher price point than other ergonomic mice. 

Additionally, problems have been reported with the scrolling function button. Like many mice, it can also jump around on the screen a bit more than is preferable.

After several months of use, the mouse may not work properly. This mouse can only be used by people who are right-handed. Lastly, the buttons are in strange positions, making it feel awkward to use the mouse.

3M joystick Mouse Usage Instruction Video

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The 3M Ergonomic Mouse is an ideal choice for a number of reasons. There is a sizing guide that quickly enables you to see which of the two sizes are best for your unique hand. 

Additionally, the mouse is easy to use and helps reduce wrist fatigue.

This makes it a great choice for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. The unique gripping system enables you to rest your hand at the base of the product while using your thumb to click. 

However, this product will cost much more than other ergonomically designed mice. Additionally, the scrolling function does not work well and the mouse may not last for more than several months.

Best Alternatives:

One of the main challenges with ergonomic mice is that many are created for only right-handed or left-handed individuals.

Since the 3M Ergonomic Mouse is only available for right-handed individuals, that may leave left-handed folks wondering which products are best for them. 

If you are left-handed, you might want to consider the Adesso iMouse E9 Left-Handed Vertical Ergonomic Mouse. This mouse is one of the most highly rated mice available for left-handed people.

The Adesso iMouse E9 Left-Handed Vertical Ergonomic Mouse provides an upright position that aims to reduce tension in the wrist and arm. 

It has 4 DPI levels (800/1200/1600/2400) to attain higher precision and better accuracy. 

It can be used with PC products. 

This product also costs significantly less than the 3M Ergonomic Mouse.


If you are looking for a mouse that is more comfortable, the 3M Ergonomic Mouse is a great choice. 

The unique upright position will allow you to have a more natural hand and gripping position while you use the product than the gripping position you get with traditional mice.

However, this product can only be used by people who are right-handed. Thus, if you are a left-handed consumer looking for a more ergonomically friendly mouse, you might wish to consider the Adesso iMouse E9 Left-Handed Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

This mouse also provides a better gripping position compared to traditional mice. In addition, it is lightweight and comes in two different color choices.

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