What Should I Do When My Computer Mouse Freezes?

Have you ever been in the middle of working on an important project only to find that your mouse is not responding? You try wiggling it around to see what happens. 

Generally, you find that either the mouse will not move the pointer or there is no pointer to be found. Now what do you do in order to make sure that you can use your mouse again?

If you find yourself in a position where your computer mouse freezes, there are a number of helpful steps that you can take. Before calling an expert, test out some of the below steps and suggestions to see if you can get your computer mouse unfrozen. 

The steps are designed to be fairly straightforward, so you will need a minimal amount of computer technology to be able to complete them.

Things to Try When Your Computer Mouse Freezes

For a desktop

If you are using a computer mouse and it gets stuck, there are several steps you can test out to see if your mouse will get unstuck. 

First, try to press the “Fn” key on your laptop and continue holding it down. At the same time, press the “F9” key just one time and release both keys. This will either enable or disable your mouse (whichever one it is not currently set to).

Now see if the mouse touchpad will allow you to move. You might try the above steps again if the problem isn’t solved. If repeating the above steps does not help, restart your laptop. 

In most cases this solves the problem. However, if this fails to fix the problem, you will likely need a technician to look at your laptop.

For a non-laptop mouse

If you are using a non-laptop mouse, there are also steps you can take to fix the freezing problem. First, press “Crtl” “Alt” and “Delete” keys altogether. 

This should bring up an option that will let you shut down specific programs or restart the computer.

If you have tried shutting the program down and the problem still continues, go ahead and restart your computer. In most cases, this will fix the problem.

If the above steps did not fix the problem, then you should try to turn the computer off by the main power source. 

See if the mouse works once it comes back on. If not, test out a different mouse (make sure to test it in different ports of the computer, since a port could be the problem and not the mouse). If these steps do not work, try consulting a technician.

For a wireless mouse

If you are using a wireless mouse, then there are additional steps that you will need to explore. First, the mouse could freeze because it has lost a connection with your computer. This is a common problem with wireless mice. 

First try to reestablish a connection using the steps that are outlined in your owner’s manual. However, if that does not fix the problem, there could be other causes.

With wireless mice only, you will need to ensure that your batteries are working properly. This may mean you need to install new disposable batteries and test the mouse again. However, if you have a rechargeable battery, make sure that it is charged before trying it again.

Wireless mice sometimes fail to work because the drivers are outdated. If you are receiving an error message related to the drivers, make sure that you go to the manufacturer’s website to see whether there are any new drivers that you should download in order to use the mouse.

Clean up your mouse

Lastly, sometimes the mouse may not function if it gets dirty. This could be from dirt or debris covering the optical portion or from water or moisture that got into the mouse. Check your mouse to see if it looks clean.

In addition to the above steps, usually you can find specific steps to take when your mouse freezes by looking in the product manual.

This is a good idea because it usually shows you the locations of any buttons that should be pressed (i.e., to re-establish a connection with your computer). 

Additionally, online forums have an abundance of information related to fixing a frozen mouse.


Having your computer mouse freeze is a common problem. However, you should not be alarmed since there are a number of steps that you can take to quickly fix the problem. 

This may include cleaning the mouse, attempting to re-establish a connection with a wireless mouse to a computer, or installing new batteries. 

Additionally, the reasons, why freezing happens, were also reviewed.

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