What To Look For In An Ergonomic Mouse

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome or simply want a more comfortable way of handling your mouse, then you might think of investing in the right ergonomic mouse.

What To Look For In An Ergonomic Mouse?

There are different types of ergonomic mice that can aid you in your quest for a healthier and comfier mouse grip. Before getting the right kind of mouse, here are a few things to consider:

1.  Proper Handgrip

You need to have the proper handgrip in order to have a comfortable usage of an ergonomic mouse. In order to avoid any sort of pain regarding your arm, you should have the correct feel of the mouse.

It might not bother your wrist, but it could affect your shoulder or elbows, so be sure to know which part of your arm truly needs the comfort. Be certain to get the proper handgrip and a neutral posture of your hand and wrist.

Getting the proper handgrip involves knowing the right size for your hand and dealing with the texture on the mouse.

Computer mice vary from one another, but the sizes range from small, medium, and large sizes that you can choose from. 

In terms of textures, some ergonomic mice like the 3M ergonomic mouse have smooth textures while some have non-slip rubber surfaces, so be sure to consider these things to enhance your ergonomic experience.

2.  Ambidextrous Design

If there’s one thing you should always consider if you’re left-handed, it’s if the product you’re investing in can be used for your left-handed orientation. 

A mouse has an ambidextrous design that can be used for both right and left-handed people. Most computer mice are built for the right-handed majority, so be sure to take note if the mouse can be used for either.

3.  Wired or Wireless Mouse

It usually doesn’t matter whether or not your ergonomic mouse is wireless or not, but it helps in deciding your preference.

A wireless mouse usually runs on batteries and might suffer from sudden battery loss. A wired mouse, on the other hand, simply needs to be plugged into the computer to start. 

There’s no need for a battery or batteries but just a cord to connect the mouse to the computer. Having a wired mouse seems more practical but it can affect performance once the wire gets entangled. There’s always the chance of getting things messy with a wired mouse.

So be sure to know if you want a wired or wireless mouse so you can properly use your ergonomic mouse.

4.  Extra Buttons

Ergonomic mice usually have extra buttons that aid in its functionality. Some buttons are designed at the back and some are added extra on the sides. 

This could be both a pro and a con. It could be advantageous for people who prefer to have an easy and extra control with their mouse.

Different buttons offer different features for different mice, so be sure to know what those features are before purchasing. When it comes to disadvantages, some people might not like the placement of the buttons.

Some mice tend to have their buttons placed on the side or perhaps too near the center. It could turn problematic and a bit irritable when you’re using the mouse for gaming. 

Some buttons could be accidentally pressed that might create a delay in games or everyday activities.

5. Adjustable DPI

A great ergonomic mouse is one that offers an adjustable DPI setting. With an adjustable DPI, you can easily change the speed of your cursor. You can make it faster or slower depending on how you‘re going to use it.

Having an adjustable DPI setting gives you the opportunity to decide which speed you’re most comfortable with. 

This could work well especially if you’re going to use the mouse for gaming. Having a higher DPI makes it more sensitive to minor movements on the mouse.

6. Stable Base

Having a stable base on your computer mouse is a great advantage for anyone who has trouble lifting the mouse from the mat or the desk. 

There are instances where computer mice have a hard time positioning or getting on the right track because of its lack of stability.

In order to enhance your productivity when using the computer, check if your mouse has a stable base.

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