Why Would I Want an Ergonomic Mouse?

With the invention of thousands of new gadgets and gizmos each week, it is easy to become skeptical about claims that products can help you. In fact, this skepticism has likely saved you from spending money unnecessarily.

In order to help you determine whether an ergonomic mouse is a product that you need, below are some of the top benefits that you can reap from using an ergonomic mouse.

Before going into the benefits of the ergonomic mouse, it is helpful to understand what an ergonomic mouse is. Basically, an ergonomic mouse is one that has been created with the aim of reducing the amount of tension, pain, or discomfort that may lead to overuse injuries.

Since many people work on a computer for long days, the number of incidences of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and arthritis in the wrist and hand have been increasing over time. 

In an effort to combat these injuries, experts sought to create mice that provide you with more natural positioning during use, to decrease the strain and pain.

Main Benefits of Ergonomic Mice: Why Would I Want an Ergonomic Mouse?

When trying to make the decision about whether to purchase an ergonomic mouse, you may be able to think of many reasons not to. 

For example, perhaps you already have a mouse that works great. Alternatively, maybe you have heard that these are only for individuals with certain injuries (they are not, and can actually help prevent anyone from getting an injury).

Or perhaps you are simply unfamiliar with the benefits of the ergonomic mice compared to traditional mice. If the later is the case, read on for some helpful information about these differences.

Size of Mouse:

Prior to purchasing a mouse, it can be helpful If you are able to test the mouse out. Frequently, people use whatever mouse they are given by work or whichever one came with their computer.

A better way to purchase a mouse is to make sure that the mouse feels comfortable in your hand.

For example, they should not feel too small or too large. Many ergonomically friendly mice come in multiple sizes (or at least small and large) and provide a guide to help you obtain the correct sizing.

Left-Handed or Right-Handed Mice:

since the ergonomically designed mice are created in such a way to minimize stress, they help keep your hand in a certain position. Thus, there are different mice for right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Most mice are created for right-handed users. However, there are specific mice that can be used only by people who are left-handed. 

These mice make sure you are obtaining the best position and grip for your hand.

Less Force and Effort Required:

When using mice that are ergonomically designed, in general you will not need to use as much effort, energy, or force to complete your work. This helps you save your fingers, wrist, and arm.

Provides Additional Support:

Compared to traditional mice, the ergonomic design helps you maintain the support that is best for your arm. 

Unlike traditional mice, this may include different positions, special resting areas for your thumb or fingers, or the inability to use the product incorrectly due to design.

Natural gripping power:

Perhaps one of the most notable differences in types of mice is that ergonomic mice are created so that you can easily grip them and maneuver them without a lot of excess effort. When you choose one that is a great match for your hand size, you will immediately feel the difference and will likely notice less fatigue in your arm and hand.


While there are many reasons to be skeptical of new claims, ergonomically friendly mice are one product that can actually help you prevent injuries or help manage an already existing injury (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome). 

This is because the design or ergonomically friendly mice were created much differently from the traditional mice.

In fact, they ensure that you are conserving your energy by requiring the use of less force and effort, which reduces the fatigue that you will feel over the course of the day. 

Additionally, these products are designed specifically for right-handed or left-handed individuals so that whichever hand you will be using with the mouse will be in the proper position.

You will receive additional support using the ergonomic mice. In fact, some mice have extra-wide lips to rest your fingers so that they do not drag. 

Other mice have special indentations for your thumb so that it stays in place. These mice also tend to come with guides so that you can find the mouse size that best fits your hand.

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